1. Lipstick – Beacuse it gives me that grown up feeling. Whenever I put it on I get a new bit of power. (Until it’s smudged out or on my teeth, then it’s just the opposite. Lipstick with a lot of color is like a little puppy, you need to look after it. All the time).


2. My rings – I got these rings from my family and I wear them almost every day, the always remind me of how much I love them and gives me a feeling of being safe.
3. Rouge – My number one make up product. I love it because used in the right way it gives me a healty look and gives my smile that extra touch. You know I like jumpsuits and backpacks because I feel like 5 years old when I wear that. Same thing with rouge. Haha.
4. Perfume – I have four fragrances that I chose from. Everything about scents are so cool. And interesting. I’ve read about it a lot and it can be important in all kinds of meetings. I wear this Byredo perfume when I want to feel sophisticated in a summery way (almost every day), this cotton one from &Other Stories when I want to feel calm and relaxed, this YSL one when I want to be fun and sexy (every time I go out dancing) and this woody one when I want to feel manly (I want that sometimes).
5. Lingerie – Having nice underwear under my clothes gives me so much confidence. It’s such a cliché. But true. It’s something about knowing a thing other people don’t. It just makes me feel true and keeps my head up high. This dusty pink set is from COS.

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